Reviewed by Sarah Stewart:

Page one of Doogey Monster Alphabet Book by Aaron Albrecht introduces Twiggley, suggests making a game of finding him, and lists the subjects included. These are sports, animals, letters, colors, and names. It’s a clear indication that a pre-school child will need the book read by an adult. It is also intended for any individual interested in activities that draw them away from video games, Xboxes, computers, and television, and it does this very effectively. Who could resist the temptation to take up archery, white water canoeing, golf, mountain biking, snowboarding, or tennis? Readers not quite that adventurous might be inspired to learn to play the piano, though that is not what Peter the penguin chooses to do with his purple instrument.

Doogey Monster Alphabet Book is, without doubt, the most innovative and intriguing introduction to English’s essential twenty-six letters I have ever read. Aaron Albrecht has even found an alternative to the ubiquitous “X is for X-ray”. He has used Xare, which is the name of a game where the ball is thrown over the net, not hit. Brilliantly illustrated and colorful, it begs to be read and reread in the search for Twiggley. I was delighted to see examples of every letter in both capitals and lower case as in “Zach the zebra ziplines through the zucchini green trees”. Doogey Monster Alphabet Book by Aaron Albrecht has everything a reader could wish for and a lot more I hadn’t thought of – a fantastic gift to your youngsters or the child in you!

Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles:

Doogey Monster Alphabet Book by Aaron Albrecht is a breath of fresh air in educational children’s books. Suitable for children, parents, and teachers alike, this ABC book is all about getting off the screen for a break and having fun outside. But more than that, it’s designed to appeal to audiences that don’t really like to read all that much. But this is where the images and pictures come in. The bright, lively, cute pictures will stimulate the imagination, and teach something as well. Nature can be an irresistible place to play, learn, and explore. It’s a great teacher. If you can remember how much fun it was to run around, jump in a pile of leaves, jump over bushes or flowers, or even play hopscotch on a sidewalk, this will appeal to you, and maybe your young readers too.

This book bursts with energy and things to do from sports to animals and everything in between. If you’ve ever wanted to have a vacation from all the tech in your life, or your child’s life, this book is a great place to start. From Aaron the alligator aiming arrows to Zach the zebra zipping on a zipline, these animals will take children on a zany adventure without realizing how educational it is. And if you’re looking for a book to read together with your child, this is a good one. I like the simplicity of the concept – the basic alphabet, but with so much fun added to each letter, and the letter is used in multiple examples. Fans of Dr. Seuss, The Berenstain Bears, and similar works will appreciate Doogey Monster Alphabet Book by Aaron Albrecht.

Reviewed by Erin Nicole Cochran:

Doogey Monster Alphabet Book by Aaron Albrecht is an educational children’s book. It does more than just teach children about the letters of the alphabet; it showcases different kinds of animals and creatures around the world while doing so. Each letter is accompanied by a creature or animal that is in the act of doing something fun, which again is sure to excite children of all ages about the many different activities. There are shades of colors that are mentioned, like cyan and fuchsia, that children of a certain age might not understand as of yet, but the book is able to make it a teachable lesson as well by color-coding the word, such as cyan with the color that it is.

Aaron Albrecht’s Doogey Monster Alphabet Book includes so many teachable moments without coming across as chaotic. There’s a place to find “Twiggly,” another little creature. One of the parts that are also fun is the sentence itself for each letter. The author uses alliteration throughout the entire alphabet and this can easily twist the tongue of anyone trying to read it. This might prove funny for children if an adult gets their “mords wixed.” The colors of the illustrations are eye-catching and bright, giving a sense of fun and delight. Even with just a snapshot of an animal or creature engaging in some type of indoor or outdoor activity, you somehow get a sense of each of their personalities. I really love how many of the activities that the animals are interested in are outside since technology has created this nest of sorts inside for many of us. Doogey Monster Alphabet Book will wow any parent and child interested in learning how to make the alphabet fun.